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Believer, Husband, Father, Tennessean and Farmer

Join us on the farm as we enjoy riding tractors, using tools, splitting firewood, hunting, fishing, fixing, tinkering and everything in between.

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Our adventure in YouTube began in the summer of 2020, and since then, our subscribers have been like family. If you're here because you have been following along, THANK YOU! If you're here because you are just learning about Joe The Farmer, take a peek at our story. There is always room for one more at our table.
Joe The Farmer"

How we got here...

Sometimes you start something without any expectation of where it will go, and then it exceeds even your wildest imagination. What we have come to realize is that "Joe The Farmer" has become a bigger part of our life than we ever dreamed it could be. When we started posting content in the spring of 2020, it was because our family, like so many others, enjoys spending time together in the outdoors. In our case, we were living on our farm in Middle Tennessee, the kids were out of school, and Holly and I decided that we should share some of our passions and adventures through a YouTube channel.  A family video-diary became "Joe The Farmer", and before we knew it, we were sharing content and making friends all over the the world. What an incredible gift!  I can say wholeheartedly that this channel gave us the opportunity to connect with others when it was not the “2020” thing to do.  You have blessed our family with these connections and this journey is just beginning.


If you have just now found us, welcome! We are excited to have you visit our website, and check out some of the videos on our channel. We are a family of five that enjoy all that the great outdoors can offer. On our farm we enjoy tractors, using tools, cutting firewood, hunting, fishing, fixing, tinkering and everything in between. We are no experts, but we have ZERO fear to put forth the effort to give it a go!  It has been important to us that our content honor our Faith by remaining family-friendly, that we have fun, and that the channel not be "all about us." That's why our neighbors, friends and loved ones make appearances here and there. We are always learning, and one of the things we have loved about the YouTube creator community is that if you ask, there is always someone with a helping hand.

Joe the Farmer and family

You'll see us try things and fail, try other things and succeed. You'll see us work together and try to get a day's work in while having fun. We love the Lord, we love each other and we love our country.  We are grateful for the blessings that our family's farm has brought us and we are excited to share them with you.

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Join Joe & his family on the Middle Tennessee farm where they enjoy tractors, tools, cutting firewood, hunting, fishing, fixing, and tinkering. A family-friendly channel, Joe & his family get in a day's work while having fun! If you're here, you've found Joe The Farmer's Amazon store where you can buy the things you see on the videos! Enjoy!

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